Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Shed

We don't have a garage at our house.  We have a "shed".  Our next house will have a garage..  especially if we live somewhere where it snows!
But for now we work with what we have :)
I usually hang plain grapevine wreaths that I make on the doors.  
This year I wanted some color so I made these little wreaths.
I first wrapped the wreaths with burlap but it still was a little to plain for me.
So I picked up some flowers and got out the hot glue gun.

I choose to use yellow because it is so cheery and pops against the white of the door.  I had picked up two little bird houses at the dollar store and painted them yellow and orange and just set them in the middle of the wreath. 

I also had seen so many pendants floating around on the internet so I had an idea to make one to hang over the door. 

I used burlap and cut out triangles and then stenciled "WELCOME" using black paint.  I also wanted to see what would happen if I stamped on the burlap and how well it would hold up to the elements.

   I cut apart old jeans and used the material to frame the triangles so the triangles wouldn't unravel.  I left the edges unfinished on the jeans thinking if they unravel it might add to the look.  I then sewed the individual pieces onto a piece of pre-made bias tape for hanging.

I made this in the spring and it has been hanging up all summer - it has weathered very well.

I don't know what the candle holder originally had in it but I added a mason jar and filled it with sand and added the candle.  I picked up the old chair at a rummage sale (for free!).  I put one of my grapevine baskets on it and filled it with flowers for color.

I thought I would add a side shot of the shed also :)

And that's my little shed :)


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