Monday, March 19, 2012

Plate Wall

I know these have been around for awhile.  I know this is not my original idea but I just LOVE how my plate wall turned out!

 I love the plates.... I love the style....I love the simplicity..... I love it all!
I love that each plate is different :) 
It was so hard to get a picture that wasn't blurry...but I think you can see the detail.....
I love that each seems to be a work of art.
I wonder the stories these plates would tell....
What special days were celebrated?
Whose kitchen did they come from?
What was the favorite treat to serve on them?

I know most people hang their plates with the plate hangers.  I personally don't care for those so I bought picture hangers and glued them on the back of my plates.  I tried a strong glue that I have seen recommended for other projects.  It sort of worked until I hung a plate on the wall...the hanger came off and knocked another plate down and broke them both :(
I was so sad!  One was a really old plate that I loved....
So I then used gorilla glue and it has worked wonderfully!!!


I really think it adds so much to the room without a lot of money.  
I like the the design and I love using one different color plate to make it stand out.  I'm debating whether I should add a decal to the plate....
Still can't decide. :)
Either way I still think it looks better in person!


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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tweet Tweet

I am a blog stalker and not afraid to admit it! I subscribe to ALOT of people's blogs and it almost becomes overwhelming at times when I don't keep my email up to date. But I don't want to miss out on so many cute ideas! I love the creativity that abounds in blog-land.

My latest project was inspired by one of the talented ladies I I mean follow :) She got the idea from someone else so I don't feel bad. Well actually I wouldn't have felt bad anyway. My mom always told me that copying is the highest form of flattery. No she wasn't encouraging cheating at school....not that kind of copying silly!

The only problem with looking at so many projects is I forgot where the original came from. If I find it again I will link it up....promise!!!!

I decided I wanted a new pillow one of the chairs downstairs. I recently redid the room and changed out the big blue chair with a neutral slip cover. I was going to make a slip cover out of drop clothes but when I found one at Kohls on clearance for about $40 and I had an extra 30% off how could I go wrong! Besides I don't think I could have made it any cheaper and my sanity was worth spending the $ on! 
Back to the project......
Here is the old pillow. (If you have an old pillow that doesn't work for you it is very easy to remake it into something that will!)

I cut out a square that would be the front of my pillow. I used a heavier, duck type of material. Something I had found in the remnant section a long time ago. Next I cut the back pieces. I cut 2 squares that would overlap so I could make the pillow slide into the case when finished. The back pieces overlap. All I did was fold over the ends when I sewed them.

I made a pattern out of cardboard for my birds. I traced them onto the fusible web and cut them out and ironed them on the material I wanted to use. I then ironed on my pieces to the pillow front. I embroidered by the hand the legs and ground and sewed on some buttons. I then pinned on the back pieces on and sewed it up. This is a fairly fast and inexpensive project that I really enjoyed.
Now I have cute little birds on a fun pillow. I still have not seen my first robin but I know Spring is on it's way when I glance at my cute pillow.