Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Felted Sweater Bag

One of my favorite crafts to do is make bags out of old sweaters.  The best sweater to use is a high wool blend so it felts and looks beautiful ~ the more wool the better it felts. 

I make each of my bags free style....meaning I don't have a pattern.  I get an idea and go with it.  Each bag is 100% unique which is fun because you know your not going to see anyone else with it. 

I line most of the bags and make the lining slightly smaller than the outer bag to keep it from stretching out and thus it keeps it's shape.  I also add pockets to the liners to help make it easier to find things like keys, cell phones, lip gloss, etc....

Here are a few of the sweater bags I have made.....

I love the button on this bag.

This one has a great pattern.  I love the vibrant orange color.  I really like how the pattern is on the handle and the bottom of the bag.  I added a pocket to the front of the bag out of a sleeve.

I love the cable knit pattern on this bag.  It is a beautiful dark green.  The button adds a great detail to the bag.  I try to find the right button that fits the bag.  Sometimes it is hard to part with my buttons because I LOVE buttons but when I know it adds to the finished product I can let go!  :)

The last two bags are available out at the Little Farmer for only $25.00 each.  I have shopped around and know this is a great deal.  I want to make my bags affordable and I hope the person who ends up with them enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them :)
If your interested in your own bag let me know and I will see what I can do for you :)