Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Fever!

Did you know it was possible to have spring fever while there is snow on the ground?  Well it is and I am proof.....I have it and I have it bad!
It's not like we have had a bad winter…. Actually it has been very mild compared to most.  Snow has been minimal and the bitter cold only lasted less than 2 weeks.  I am okay with that really!
However, this week will be March....
I am ready for spring flowers, warmer weather and all the beautiful things spring brings.
So in order to help treat this "fever" I decided on a very simple project and I like the way it looks....

I have grapevine wreaths hanging on the shed door. 
These are wreaths I made using wild grapevine.
(Note to self....Next house WILL have a garage!) Christmas time I hang red bows on them but the rest of the year I have left them blank until now.  I was thinking about burlap and thought I would cut strips and simply wrap them around the wreaths to dress them up a bit.

I added a bow on the top and that was all she wrote :)
I really like the way it looks...rustic and simple.  I think the burlap will weather well  and if not no harm done.
I have another plan for a cute banner along the top of the shed.  We will see if it looks the same when done as it looks in my head.  I will share the results when I finish that project :)

Simple, easy project....just what the doctor ordered!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!
I would love to be home right now lounging in the sunlight...taking a nap and dreaming a wonderful, sweet dream about..............

Spending time at the ocean

and feeling the salt air in my face and the water on my feet :)

Or maybe eating a yummy treat.................

After a day of biking in the sun with.....

the one I love...........

Do me a favor and don't wake me....I am enjoying this dream!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Trifle

I have wanted to make a trifle for a long time.  Tonight was the perfect night to try out the recipe I had in my head :)  We host a "Life Group" which is like an in home Bible study.  One of the things Christians like to do is eat!  LOL!!!  So to meet that need I like to make a yummy dessert.
With Valentines day right around the corner this is what I dreamed up.....

I baked a strawberry cake and cut it in squares when cooled. 
I made a box of strawberry cream pudding and added 3/4 of a container of cool whip to it. 
I put it in the fridge and let it set for about an hour.
I put a layer of the cake on the bottom of the dish..... then added a layer of the pudding mixture.
On top of that I put 1/2 a container of strawberries
( I thawed a container that had sliced strawberries and sugar)
Then I sprinkled white chocolate chips
I then repeated the layers one more time. 
For the topping I crumbled a little of left over cake and spread the rest of the cool whip and sprinkled with
more chips ~ Now that was easy!
I'll let you know if it was a hit :)


(P.S.  So I was playing over at picnic because so many people were talking about it and lo and behold look who put a signature on their picture!  LOL!!!!)

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yummy Mexican Food

My husband and I LOVE Mexican food!
This was a really fun restaurant we went to in Illinois
There was a really sweet lady that would come with her cart right to your table and make salsa just for you.  Talk about fresh!
They also brought in Mariachi's on Friday nights.  They went around and would sing throughout the restaurant and eventually would end up at your table.
It was great!

And look at the food!!  Doesn't that look good!
Well it tasted even better!!!

This past weekend we went through Delavan on our way to Illinois and stopped at a different Mexican restaurant.  I had Chicken tacos with lime that were incredible!  We also found the most amazing Mexican bakery!  I wish I had my camera to take pictures!

What's your favorite Mexican dish?


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beaded Heart

 Every once and awhile you see a project and think.....boy do I really like that!!!
That's exactly what I thought when I saw this project over at the Tattered Tag
Not only does Christina have great instructions but she is SUPER friendly! :)

So I set off and made my own.....

I had picked up these beads at GW about 5 years ago...leftover from Christmas garland.
I made my outline and hot glued the beads on to the burlap.
I was trying to figure out what frame I wanted to use and found one in my stash that would work ( a thrift store find for less than $1.00)

but I wasn't liking the brown.... It just didn't do it for me....
So I was painting some other items with chalk board paint and ended up painting the frame.
I also had some scrabble titles I decieded to attach to the frame.  This way I don't have to just use for Valentines day.  :)  I like reminding people who loves them!!!!!

What do you think....tiles or no tiles?

Have a blessed day :)


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