Sunday, April 10, 2011

Picture Frame Redo.....Trash to Treasure!

Well I learned quite a bit on this project.......

It is fun to take apart an old frame with an ugly picture (see above) and spray paint a beautiful robins egg blue ......  (The cookie sheet is for another project I will share at a later time.....)

I tried and succeed distressing that same frame.....

I found out that a staple gun can be way to powerful and not your friend..... (I had to remove staples originally so I thought I would just staple the back on again....wrong!!!!!!! The staple gun I had went right through the glass and the frame!  Broken glass.....panic.....birthday party in a few what?!!!!)

I found out that True Value will cut glass to size when you break the glass from the frame your redoing......(thankful Mr. W came home and clued me in before I went chasing all over town looking for another frame!!!!)

I also learned that the finished product was worth it....I hope Janet thought so too!!!  Happy 70th Janet!!!!

(Don't judge me.... I'm still new to this so don't know how to link :) )

I think it looked MUCH better in person.  The white background is cardstock that shimmered....very pretty!!!!)  The frame and the background of the print looked beautiful together! 

So that is my latest adventure!!!!!  Enjoy.....


  1. Very nice. I love spray painting ugly frames to a better color.

  2. Great job on the frame, it is so fun to see my printable being used, thank you for sharing your link! I am your newest follower, can't wait to see all your fun projects!