Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Gift Exchange

Linda over at CraftAholics Anonymous hosts a gift exchange.  I stumbled upon it by accident last year and was so bummed that I missed the cut off date.  I was determined to participate this year so when I received the email with the information I was so excited.  I promptly signed up and was matched with a Monica from Miami :)  Linda uses a great little site called Elfster which allows you to ask your person question and see some of the things they like.  I found out Monica is a very busy mom and also working and going to I wanted to put together a little gift with a theme.  Here is what I came up with.....

   This is the bag I sent for Monica.... It's one of my pillow case bags.  I thought this bag would come in handy for quick stops at the store or carrying books from the library or hauling her kiddo's things.....

She also told me she liked green so I tried to have some green in the items I sent.... I also made a special bird which could be a reminder to keep soaring towards her dreams....hence why I sent a washer necklace with "dream" on it.  I also sent her a bookmark that had an "M" in the fabric (so cool)....Maybe reading school books won't seem so boring if you use a fun bookmark that was made just for you :)

I hope she is blessed!  I enjoyed making this special gift pack for her :)

Be sure to check out Linda's site too!!!  Here is the link:

~ Merry Christmas Everyone ~

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