Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fleece Buddies

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some of my friends....
I call them fleece buddies :)
They are as you guessed made out of fleece. 
There is no pattern or right way to make them.... but here is how I did.....
fold your fleece in 1/2 and cut a random shape.
Make arms out of a coordinating color - for legs I took 3 strands and braided. Secure with knot.
pin right sides together and pin the legs and arms so they are on the inside of the fleece buddy.
Sew around your shape and leave opening to turn right side out.
Stuff with poly and sew up the openning.
Make fun crazy eyes out of more fleece and glue on with craft glue - (or sew on to one piece before you sew together.)
Make a fun mouth - the green one has a tongue that flaps (it is not all the way attached)
You can add fake fur for crazy hair or whatever else you can think of....
and you have a totally fun, original fleece buddy.
Makes a great kids gift...especially for a boy :)

Make sure you share with me if you try one.... I would love to see your handi-work!


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