Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cabinet Redo

Does anyone remember what a VCR looks like?  I fact I still have one and use it quite often.  I was feeling a little modern when I bought the VCR/DVD combo player!  LOL!  Now your suppose to have blue ray and HD high definition...or so I am told.  The tv I have my VCR hooked up to is a million years old so none of the new technology would work anyways so I okay with what I have....but that's not what I am here to show you. 

Before Christmas I stopped at the Restore and found this.....
I know cheap looking - ugly fake wood...but don't turn your nose up...there is potential!

Good storage space....
I know nothing super fancy....but it was $1.00....yes one dollar!
So I was thinking if I could use it for something else....craft supplies...basement storage???????
But then I thought I could paint it...change out the hardware and maybe even try a stencil ( I was feeling brave!)

So  I put a coat of primer on it.  I then painted it using Almond Oil - one of the colors I used in the dining/piano room and added a stencil using White Picket Fence....sounds like a nice, homey color right?!  (It's the other color I used in our dining/piano room.) 
Here is the cabinet all redone with some cute snowman :)

Her new the bottom of the stairs.
Perfect size for this space.
Can you guess what's inside???
VCR tapes and DVD's :)  What a shocker!

The transformation.
Not bad for a few bucks....

Cabinet - $1.00
Paint - had on hand
new hardware...on sale Menards $3.00 each
Stencil - Wal-Mart $3.25 (around there)


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  1. That doesn't even look like it COULD be the same piece! Nice work!

    1. Thanks Sarah....
      I was really pleased with how it turned out and the fact it was finished in a weekend instead of dragging on like a lot of my other projects :)

      Have a super day!