Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweater Mittens

Last night I had an itch.....
                          A creative itch that is....
                                       I wanted to make something.... 
                                                      I wanted to be crafty....
                                                                          It helps me relax....

So I went upstairs and sat on the floor of our guest bedroom/craft room...and looked around.  I saw a thrifted sweater sitting on the bed that I had already cut up to use for another project I started but didn't feel like working on (this is a downfall ~ sorry!) - side note:  sweaters are a great thing to pick up cheap at rummage sales in the summer....lots of uses later on :)

It was snowing outside and I thought why not try making mittens!  I've seen them before and heard they weren't hard to make so I said lets give it a try!  So I traced my hand and being too lazy I pinned the paper to the sweater and then cut it out while cutting the mitten too.... I sewed it up and laughed because it was too small....... so I sewed it into a pouch for my ipod and special cord to use as a traveling case for the car....there is always another use for something!!!!

Next....I said to myself...."Self....this really isn't suppose to be hard!"  So I went downstairs and googled "making mittens out of sweaters" and found really easy directions here.........

Basically I had the idea right I just didn't cut it out big enough.  But now the problem was I had wasted one sleeve and cut off part of the hem on the bottom of the sweater for my other of course my project became just slightly more complicated....but it really wasn't that big of deal!

I traced my hand again and this time cut the pattern out before putting on the body of the sweater.  I planned on attaching the "hem" afterwards.  The hem keeps the mittens from unraveling and help the mittens fit better.

I cut out my mittens....made sure that right sides are together and sewed them up.....I then turned them rightside out and attached the bottom sweater hem to the bottom  of my mitten and made myself a pair of slightly deformed looking mittens :)  This is really an easy project....very beginner level....and fast!!!!! (the whole project - including mess up took an hour or less)

Think of all the cute mittens you could have~ They are an easy accessory like scarves!  Let me know if you try it!  I would love to hear any of your tips too!!!

Linda :)

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  1. That's GREAT! I would never think to make mittens {i'm not a sew-er}. But you're right! These would be fun to make in a million different colors! Thanks for sharing & linking up to Craft Monkey'n Monday! I've pinned this project too!