Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wheeler Summer Update.....

It's been a little while since I've shared anything.  
I would craft all day if I could but there is this little thing that gets in the way called life~ yes real life must be dealt with....you know ~ the job, ministry, cooking, cleaning, laundry, keeping my head above the water!
So here is a brief update of what we have been up to.....

Melissa graduated in May from the UW-LaCrosse. 

Then Jim and I graduated from the MIP (Minister Interim Program) the end of June.  We are thankful for the opportunity we had to attend and truly enjoyed it but will not miss traveling to the Chicago-land area once a month (approx. 3.5-4 hours one way).  We know are excited about all that the Lord has for us in our future.  We have no plans other than to keep serving at our local church ~ Jim is on the praise and worship team, is doing follow up, we both lead the Wednesday night Bible Study/Midweek service and I do the Children's ministry....plus a few other things as needed :)

Later in the day after graduation we drove into the city of Chicago....

to pick up Mel's blessing.... God blessed her with a car!  It's a great testimony....God's timing is incredible.  The girl who was an answer to prayer had the car in Indiana and her parents just happened to come to Chicago the same weekend we were graduating.  So we were able to work it out and pick it up that weekend.  If you know Mel ask her to share the story...it's encouraging!!!  God is good even if Chicago traffic isn't!! lol....okay it wasn't too bad but I had to look like it was horrible!!!

Then of course we have had a few birthday's to celebrate...
Jim and I have birthday's 15 days apart

 For my birthday, we spent the day at Kohler Andre and went hiking and walking in Lake MI. 
It was FREEZING!!!  But it felt good in 90 degree weather.

For dinner we went to a yummy Mexican restaurant in Sheboygan.  
Will definitely be heading back there!!!

and of course there must be cake!!! DQ is always a winner.

Beautiful flowers from Jim were a nice surprise too!!!

 For Jim's birthday we went to Gino's and had deep dish pizza...yummy!  
We came home and had one of his favorites....chocolate eclair torte. (He has a camel on his torte with candles...don't ask it's a Wheeler thing!!! lol)
(p.s. don't look at the mess behind him please!!!!)

Here's Mel chilling out :)  I love it when she plays on here or the piano....
Since I haven't shared any craft projects with you I thought I would share 2 the cats did.....

The girls are so talented!!! 
We are so proud of them!!!

Hope you enjoyed our update.....
More craft projects to come...I promise :)


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