Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jeans...the most versatile clothing you own :)

So what do you do with those jeans that are worn out and no longer wearable because of a hole or you just don't like them.....

Well I actually have many uses for old jeans and will share some of them with you as we go along.  Today I thought I would actually share a really fun project I did a while ago.

My husband had a pair of worn out jeans....and I mean worn out so I deceided to cut off the legs and make them into holders.  Holders you ask?!  Yes, a holder.... one leg became a holder of know old socks and t-shirts that make great rags for cleaning and little projects.  And the other became a holder for plastic garbage bags. 

I can't figure out how to flip the photo so it's not sideways....sorry!!!  

As you can see I labeled each leg with fun material.  It is actually a bed sheet I have been using for different projects....a sheet from the 70's....flower power!  Nice bright colors :)  All I did was sew up the bottom of the leg.  Ironed the fun material to iron on backing, cut out the letters and circles with a pinking sheers...ironed them on to the leg.  Grabbed a handle...made out of a garage sale is stuff you use to make roman shades....I don't even know the technical term :)  For the cat leg I actually added a ribbon as part of the handle.... you can see it if you look close.  I had two really easy bags that are very handy!  The cat bag is hanging downstairs next to the litter box....guess what the plastic bags are used for!  And the rag bag is hanging in the stairwell that goes down to the basement.  Good location for both items!!!!!

P.S. Do you like my beachy porch?!  I just love sitting out there with the cats and have the sun stream in.....
Have a blessed day :)

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