Sunday, May 8, 2011

Plastic Chair Redo

I was really excited when I was at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and found a spray paint made specially for plastic ~ Krylon Fusion for Plastic. I have some comfortable but older plastic chairs that go with our outdoor table.  Our table sits out on the deck under a HUGE maple tree.  These chairs have gotten stained over the years from leaves and other things but are still in really good shape.  I thought this would be a perfect solution to try so I bought it. 

 Yesterday was the perfect day here in Wisconsin :)  It was finally in the 60's and just so nice to be outside.  I thought it would be a great day to redo these chairs.  So I hauled them up from the basement and wiped them all down with soap and water to get them ready to paint.

The above photo is before..... and the bottom is after......

It's hard to tell the difference.  I really liked how this paint covered the chairs and refreshed them.  They look almost brand new again.  The paint puts a more grainy finish on the chairs but again I really liked how they look now.  The paint dries in 15 minutes which was nice. 

The bad part of this paint.....1 can did 2 chairs (barely)  I only put one coat on each of the 2 chairs.  The paint came out drippy to start and then started to spray covering over the drip marks.  I actually had 2 cans but the first can dripped all over one of the chairs then stopped working.  It is totally defective.  I am thinking because of the grainy finish it easily clogs up the opening.  Something to be aware of it you use this paint.  That part was disappointing since I wanted to finish this project yesterday.  But thankfully it doesn't take long to paint so I hopefully can swap out the defective can this week and finish up the job so we can enjoy warm nights on the back deck :)

Next up.....the Mediterranean  Pizza I made for dinner last night.....YUMMY!!!!!

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