Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Twig Wreath

I love looking in "Blog Land" at all the creative people.  I get so many ideas from others creativity. 
Here is my inspiration for my latest project (finished last night!)

Isn't she a beauty!

So As I was out in the woods pulling grapevine for some wreaths I brought back some twigs
here is what I did.....

I cut a circle from heavy card board (used a box)
Cut a inside circle and wrapped with twine ~ getting it to stay with hot glue

Then I cut my twigs and hot glued on the circle

I then took smaller twigs and put them around the circle to fill it in and to cover up the hot glue.  I loaded it up with hot glue!!!!
My wreath looks a little wilder then the model!  It's kind of growing on me......
I figure I can always make another one if I figure out I really don't like it :)

So what do you think?  Be honest I can take it....I have kleenex close by :)



  1. Beautiful! Very whimsical. Thank you for sharing your art.