Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mini Apple Pie Cups

Fall + apples = delish!

My parents came through town and brought me a bag of apples my dad picked.  So I had to make something good :)  I found a recipe to try at  You can find the recipe at her link.

I didn't have any apple juice but I had cranberry so I used that.  Since I was using cranberry juice I added craisins to the apple mixture.  I tripled the recipe for our Life Group tonight and used 2 cups brown sugar total.    I also used 3 tubes of biscuits for a total of 30 pie cups.  I also drizzled with a powder sugar frosting just to dress them up a bit.  They were a thumbs up and I will definately make these again.

I know you want one!!!!



  1. Wow those look amazing!! Love the added icing and I bet the craisins gave it a wonderfully tart taste. Thanks for linking back :)

  2. Thanks for the recipe Kristin :)

  3. Mini Apple Pie Cups is so wonderful way you design. Those are so yummy dishes you shared with us. I cook same dishes before two days and got lots of good views from my guests. I was decorated it with pumpkin an glitters.