Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Custom Wall Art

Our house is old....like 100 years old.  There are many things wrong with our house like slanted floors... 
 but it is our home and it was a blessing from God and I love it!
With that said I have been wanting to do some projects for a while.  Well Labor day weekend I decieded to tackle our piano/dining room by painting and applying board and batten.  I am so exited with how it turned out!!!!  It is still a work in progress but I plan on sharing some of my projects in the next few weeks. :) 

Here is a view  with the customized artwork I made. 
(Don't you love how the cross ties in too!  Hobby Lobby - Clearance $5.50! ~ score!!!!)
So here is how you can customize some artwork for your walls on the cheap!
I bought 4 pictures that already had the wire detail on them at the dollar store.  I could have just gotten a piece of wood but this way they were already cut so that worked for me.
I then went to JoAnn's and found some scrapbook paper I liked and would match my new walls.
I painted the sides and a small part of the top of the boards brown.
I then used modge podge to attach the scrap book paper onto the boards.  I let it dry overnight and the next night I modge podged the front.  Make sure the paper is tightly glued to the board or you could have bubbles.  Thankfully I only had a few bubbles and they were not very noticeable. 
Here is a close up....the wall looks greenish... but it is a tan!  I think they look better in real life then blog land :)!!!!  I attached picture hooks to the back using gorillia glue and I had art that fits my new room.

A little imagination can go a long way!  Don't be afraid to create something for your house...you can always change it if you don't like it!
This project only cost....
$1.00 per board - used 4
paper...less than a dollar per sheet
hooks around $1.00 for a pack
so for under $10.00 I dressed up my wall and am really happy with the results :)