Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My New Buffet!

I'm super excited!!!!  And it is just in time for Thanksgiving!  Since repainting our piano/dining room I have been on the look out for a buffet that wasn't going to break the bank!  I had been looking periodically on Craigslist to see if I could find a piece.  I saw one but I wasn't all that excited about it.  I went back and looked at it a day or two later and thought well it might work...It was starting to grow on me so I prayed about it.  I contacted the seller and asked if I could come see it....(I did show my husband first and got his opinion too - he wasn't crazy about it but said if I liked it I could get it - he liked it better in person too - just not as much as I did!!!)  Well to make a long story short....when I saw it in person I LOVED IT!!!!!  It totally fits with the cottage feel I was going for.  Not only that it totally matches the new paint job...the buffet is a tan that fits in perfectly with the walls!!!  So without further ado here is my latest blessing from Jesus!

It's just the right size for that spot and look at how the color matches!!!! Did I mention that I'm super excited!!!!

 Top and bottom close ups.....Lot's of storage space for my "special" bowls, cake plates, etc....

Did you see my cute new clock in the first picture! (from Hobby Lobby - 1/2 price sale)
 I am so loving it too....here is a close up....

I am really happy with how this room is coming together!  I need some drapes and a new dining room table but I'm good for now!
Thank you Lord for the new blessings!!!!!!

Linda :)

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