Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jute Wrapped Orbs :)

Well if you saw my post last week of my buffet you may have noticed a bowl with jute wrapped balls.  You can click here if you missed it....
I thought I would share the super easy project with you.....

*Craft balls in whatever size you want.  I found a bag at a thrift store for $1.29 (good price!)
I liked that mine were different sizes but you can do whatever size you want.  The bag I bought says Polystrene holds better than styrofoam.  I liked that they did not melt when I used the hot glue on them.  But I think you could use styrofoam also.
*some jute string - I usually buy mine at Menards or Wal-Mart
*and a glue gun

Add a drop of glue at the top and attach your string.  Wait until dries enought that it will stay attached.  Just start wrapping your string and add glue as you go.  Some areas need more glue and others less.  If the string moves a lot just use glue.  I found it was easier to wrap the top side compared to the underside.  Could wrap half and then flip and wrap the other half if easier on you.

Finished product
I like the natural look they create :)



  1. Very nice! All the creative things that can be made from jute and burlap absolutely amazes me! Thanks for linking up! ~Jen @

  2. Thank you for joining the party! I am a new follower :)