Thursday, December 1, 2011

HELP ~ Christmas Center Pieces

I would like to come up with some easy, inexpensive center pieces for our Christmas I mean Holiday party at work.  I hate "political correctness" but don't get me started.... Okay so I need some CHRISTMAS ideas for tables :)

If you read this and have an idea I would appreciate your link or comment :)

On my checking out the Web here is some ideas that I found that are

 I love the simplicity of the bottom right corner!

 I am totally loving again the bottom right corner!!!!  Incredible!!!!
The red and white is so fun and cheery also!
I don't think any of these will work for me though!  I need something for about 14  round tables.

Better Homes and Gardens had some great ideas also
What about each table having just a nice wrapped present?  too goofy?  cheap?????
I loved these stacked presents!!!!
 How about a simple glass with candle and filled with some red and white peppermint candies....that is simple and pretty?

Here is another link with some great ideas:

 I love the ornaments on candle cleaver!!!!

Even having ornaments in a glass bowl is nice idea....but I don't have that many bowls!
So are you ready to share your ideas or are you going to use something for yourself that you found here?

Any and all ideas, comments, suggestions are welcome!!!



  1. Those are some beautiful centerpieces! I am intrigued about this D.R. Vanilla. Do you know if you can special order it from a website?

  2. It has a very distinct taste. My step daughter brought it back in a gallon container a few years ago and it has made the rounds between family members. I've never tried ordering it so I'm not sure if you can????