Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Mel!

Our Mel turned 22 a week ago!  Yipee :) 
We were able to celebrate her birthday Thanksgiving weekend when she was home on break.

 To celebrate such a grand occasion she let me surprise her with the type of cake.  All she said was chocolate had to be involved some how.  So I made a yellow cake with no cook fudge frosting (recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook ~ this was some good frosting!!!!) and did a middle layer of raspberry on top of the chocolate!  I used simply fruit and spread on top of the layer of chocolate frosting and then added frozen raspberries that I had thawed and spread those on the layer of simply fruit.   I frosted the remainder of the cake and used white chocolate chips to garnish.  Turned out delish!!!!

Happy Birthday Mel!  We love you <3!!!!!!

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