Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chair Re-Do for Craft Room

~ Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving with family and/or friends!  We have so much to thank God for!  I am thankful for creativity and all the fun things the Lord helps me create.  So on that note I thought I would share one of my latest projects with you :) ~

I love bold and fun colors.  I wanted to use some of these types of colors in my "craft room" - aka...guest room.  I have been working on this room for a while now and I am not making much progress!  Time seems to be the biggest road block.  However, I did manage to redo a chair for my desk recently.  I had found this chair for $2.00 at the Restore store.  After sitting for a 3 months or so I thought today is the day!!!!!

I started with nothing too exciting...very drab and boring actually!
I wanted to paint her green but decieded on white instead and redid the seat in a fun green.
First thing I did was wiped her down good (dusty and grimy)
I removed the seat and then put a coat of primer on it.  The cane is a litte more time consuming to paint.
I then put 2 coats of white (I used left over Picket Fence White - the color I used in my dining/piano room - in the background)
And here she is finished with the new seat. 

And here is a close up on the seat.  Don't you love the pop of color!  I used a remnant I found at Joann's

It always amazes me what you can do with a little paint and some fabric!!!
I always think...what's the worse that can happen with this?  I don't like it and repaint, or refabric or give it away!  But right now this chair is bringing a smile to my face everytime I see it!!!!

Have a blessed weekend!!!!

Linda :)


  1. Your chair looks great now! We also have 6 chairs that need a make over but pffff.... such a lot of work (ours need a whole new seat too).

  2. What a wonderful transformation! Well done!

  3. Thanks Ladies!!!
    Heidi it really is not as bad as it looks to redo chairs...I bet you could get yours done in a weekend. THat is if the seat wasn't too hard to fix :) Hope you will be so glad you did :)

  4. Hi, Linda! I love your little chair. It turned out so cute! I really love that you are a Jesus lover as well! I'm your newest follower! Please stop by if you get a chance! God bless!