Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Farmer Crafts

I took my crafts out to the Little Farmer in Malone the end of July.  I love getting ready for the craft barn and thought I would share some of the fun things I took out to sell.........

I made grapevine wreaths....some decorated....some plain.....I will post them later so you can see what I did :)  I like the cheerfulness of this one!

Some adorable candle holders....I love how these turned out!!!

I also made some of the larger ones that I had made last year too.  These have a washer that is stamped with different words on them.

Some cute little birds.... I love how these turned out.  These would be great as home decorations, in a tree, a Christmas ornament, a mobile.... I've seen them different ways and LOVE THEM!!! 

I love the fun materials....think how cut these would be in a nursery too!!!

Sweet hair bobby pins....don't you love the fun for bakers twine!  I shopped around and the cheapest twine I found was on Amazon in case your obsessed like I am :)

 I think little girls are going to like these :)

I made a couple of bags from sweaters - I'll post more about them later.... and I also took out my pillowcase totes..... I love those bags for the farmers market, grocery store, etc....  I love that they are washable too!

I also made some fun book marks this year!!!I love how they turned out...I also was able to use fun buttons and beads to embellish them :)
 I kept a couple for myself and my cats thinks they are new play toys!

I also took out some washer necklaces and a few other items that I didn't take pictures of.  So now you know what I have been busy working on.  Hopefully others will like the items as much as I do.  I try to only do crafts that I would like myself and have fun making :)


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