Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Super Hero Cape

Melissa was cleaning out clothes and had some old t-shirts she was parting with.  Like any good daughter she offered them to me and my crafty mind :)
This is one she had from her youth group....not really sure what the theme was since there was no writing just a guy that looked like a super hero....

So I thought this shirt would be a great super hero cape.  So I cut off the front and fashioned it into a cape.  The dude is in the back and I thought some little one would have a blast flying around and letting their imagination go wild....leaping over tall buildings, saving the world from evil villains, etc... I also made a pouch to store the cape in from the front part of the t-shirt.  That way their "super" identity can remain hidden until needed :)

It was fun to make something I knew a "little" would enjoy :)
I posted this on whoopdwhoop and in less than 24 hours it was requested.  It is now happily in another state being enjoyed :)
Hope you enjoyed by fun little cape!

Have a Super day!!!

If you don't know what whoopdwhoop is...go check it can swap your crafts with other crafters at no "buy" things with whoops...and earn whoops for your items.

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