Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Little Red Bike

For those of you who know know I love to ride my bike. 
I had this bike in the garage for almost 20 years....I bought it was a FUJI! (that was cool in the 80's!) it was a treasure to me.  But over time it became discarded as I got a new bike that fit me better - the frame on this was too small ( I am 5'11" you know!).
I tried at one time to sell it...when it wasn't this old!  I tried giving it away....but it just moved with me a bunch of times but now it was in poor shape...the chain was rusted, the rubber part on the handle bars melted from being in hot garages/sheds...
What to do with a piece of my history......

So anyways I had this idea.....
I love seeing old bikes as part of a garden/yard display.  I actually ran across 2 really old bikes at a rummage sale.  So I ask the man how much he wants for the bikes...$150.00..EACH..ummmmm right!
No thanks.....I think I will go with my idea :)
so I got out the red spray paint and set to work
on my own garden art.....

Tarp - check
spray paint - check
great day - check

and I am loving the result!!!!  A pop of color agains the shed!  I know it is kind of boring right now as summer is dwindling down....but just imagin it in the middle of a bunch of day lilies, white daisys and other assorted cool will she look!!!

Once again she is in her glory! 
A bike that brings joy....isn't that the true purpose of a bike anyways?


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