Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lamp Redo

If your like me you love a good deal!  I mean really there is something exciting about an honest to goodness bargin.  I was looking for a little lamp to put on my front porch.  I have an overhead light but it seems so harsh ~ I wanted a softer light. So I was excited to find a little light at a rummage for .50 cents!  The color was blue and it would work.  It didn't have a lamp shade but I  thought no problem I will pick one up at Wally world.  Well the lamp shade would have been around $10.00.  Hmmmmmmmmm maybe my little lamp is turning into not such a great deal.  I would have bought a lamp I really liked if I am going to pay more than $10.00 for one.  So yesterday I stopped another rummage and found a brand new lamp shade with the cover on it for $1.00.  Now that is what I am talking about :)  So here is my lamp and lamp shade.

As you can see the lampshade is cute but really doesn't go with the blue lamp.  No problem.....I  pulled out my spray paint stash and changed the base color to......

It looks so much better don't you think............
I did realize after I painted it I never checked to see if it workded!!!  Note to self: check before painting!  Thankfully it's all good. 

Not bad for $1.50 :)
Only extra cost was spray paint I had picked up earlier.

If you have something you want to change don't be afraid to try a little can always redo it if you don't like it.  A little paint can do wonders :)  Be creative and have fun!

Have a blessed week!!!

Update:  I wasn't happy with the came out looking silver so I redid my redo....
I like it better now and so does my about you????

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  1. I am thinking of re-doing the re-do....the base looks silver in this picture but it's really more of a brown. I think I might want it to be a little darker brown. what do you think?