Thursday, August 4, 2011

While She Was Sleeping: Brown Sugar Banana Bread

While She Was Sleeping: Brown Sugar Banana Bread: "Banana bread first crossed my pallet when I was in my late teens. We were visiting family in the hospital and had dinner in the cafeteria o..."

I on my Facebook last night that I made Brown Sugar Banana Bread!  It smelt so good!  It filled my dreams with visions of monkeys swinging through trees and eating banana's...okay not really but I did sleep good and so did Mango :)

I put the link up above for the recipe and blog it is on.

This recipe was different than the one I normally make....I liked it because it used 4 banana' go-to-recipe uses 2.  This recipe used cinnamon AND ginger....interesting...I never used ginger in my banana bread recipe before.  I added raisins because I have to have them in banana bread.  I normally add walnuts but left them out because the recipe didn't call for them and didn't know if it would diminish the taste of ginger.  I did cut the sugar down and only added 1 cup brown sugar and it is fine.  I give it a thumbs up however I think I still like my original recipe better.  The one I normally make has sour cream in it and I think that really adds to the bread. I would make it again if I had 4 brown bananas sitting on the counter instead of 2. 

I snapped a picture before I cut into it.  It was worth the wait.  Let me know your thoughts if your try it or share with me your favorite banana bread recipe.  I will have to post my go-to-recipe in the future!
Wish you were here!


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  1. Yeah, you listened to me. thanks for posting, can't wait to try-- now if the bananas would just get brown fast enough. When I post it, I will link it back to your blog!!!! Love ya!