Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pie and Project

Sometimes my favorite crafts are little things :)  I went on a GW adventure and found a black iron wall hanging object....don't know if it qualifies as a scone.....wait that is a bakery item :)  Anyways I remember seeing a mason jar with sand and a candle and thought it was really simple and pretty.  So I went looking in the basement and found the above items and I hung it on my garage/shed and really like the way it looked.  I want to make a burlap banner and hang "Welcome" across the top.....So I will see if I get it done and if it looks like I envision it in my head :)

I think it is weloming......husband said I'm going to burn down the garage but the flame is inside the jar so we are good :)

Also, my husband is rather hard to buy gifts for.  Not because he's picky but because he truly doesn't want anything.  So I gave him a "pie coupon" and he used it this weekend.  My parents brought me some door county cherries a few weeks ago and I made them into homemade pie filling......VERY easy and so delicious! 

This is not something I would take to a potluck because it is rather messing looking. 

It's graham cracker crust, layer of cherries, layer of lemon goodness (lemon pudding, cream cheese, cool whip) and layer of cool whip and more cherries.  "Fluffy Lemon Fruit Pie" ~ The family really liked it.  Mine doesn't look the picture in the book but it was fabulous tasting!  I go for taste over presentation on this one :)
too perfect who would want to eat that?!!!
Look below....Now that is a piece of pie :)

And one more picture from the weekend.....

enjoying a bike trail :) 
Food ~ Family ~ Biking ~ Crafting ~ Church
all in one weekend is pretty sweet to me :) 

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